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Tissue Back Adhesive Peel Strength Tester

Tissue Back Adhesive Peel Strength Tester

Item No.: QD-3052
Tissue Back Adhesive Peel Strength Tester
About product
QD-3052 Microcomputer Peeling Strength Tester (hereinafter referred to as testing machine) is the basic instrument for tensile/peel strength testing. The testing machine is mainly suitable for tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength and elongation of various materials. And the measurement of the puncture strength of various plastic composite films and bags for packaging.
About company
Dongguan Qinda Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located at the second industrial zone of  Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. We are a professional factory focusing on test instruments field with 34 years experience. The testing instruments:Paper package test instrument, Tensile testing instrument, Printing testing instrument, Adhesive tape testing instrument, Bags & luggage test instrument, Environmental Test Instrument. As our company has high-tech technology and professional engineer team, so most products have reached the international advanced level and sell well all over the world.
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>>>Parameters(we support customization parameters)
Measuring range: 1~20000mN
Indication accuracy: indication error ±1%, indication variability ≤1%
Maximum displacement: (0 ~ 360) mm (without fixture)
Elongation measurement accuracy: ±0.1mm
Standard test speed: (400 ± 10) mm / min
Test speed adjustment range: (5.5 ~ 550) mm / min
Test speed error: (5 ~ 10) mm / min: ± 1mm / min
(10 ~ 550) mm / min: ± 5%
Clamp spacing (test length): standard (80 ± 1) mm (adjustable)
Clamp spacing error: ±0.5mm
Moving chuck reset error: ±0.1mm
Dimensions: 410mm × 400mm × 980mm
Machine quality: about 60kg
Counterweight: size (80 ± 1) mm, width (62 ± 1) mm
Quality: (500 ± 5) g
Standard jersey: size long (120 ± 1) mm, width (65 ± 1) mm
Quantitative (120~140) g/m2
1.Touch screen LCD with curve display control system.
2.can switch between Chinese and English language control systems.
4.User-friendly menu interface.
5.Power protection ensure automatic record when power cut off.
>>>Packing list
1 machine.
>>>Why choose us
1.Novel design, convenience for use, excellent performance and elegant appearance,Stable quality, high precision,deeplytrusted by customers.
2. Excellent after-sales service:
a.36 month warranty.
b.we can help you fix your problem controller for free.
c.24 hour online quick reply and professional team to solve problems from customers.
d.offer English operation video and English instructions. We can also provide English video-con.
e.Free technical training for visiting factories
We will sign a letter of commitment while we sign the contract, which will improve your confidence to us.
4.Good Packaging:
Well wooden packaging/honeycomb box is safe and protective. Not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing, but also has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, and good transparency.
5. Normally, we have standard products in stock. If no stock, delivery time is 15-20 working days after deposit receipt.
6.We are a professional manufacturer focusing on test instruments field with 34 years experience.
7.OEM is acceptable.

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