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The carrier of corporate culture is employees, a positive corporate culture, and will build a broader development platform for employees. Therefore, corporate culture is an important force for cohesive and motivating employees, and it is the driving force and source for each enterprise. QINDA cherishes the recognition of each honor and attaches importance to the cultivation of corporate culture.
As a member of QINDA, everyone must establish a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and work hard in their respective positions, work hard, and take responsibility for the development of the company. We must do every little thing within our own responsibilities. It is a principle of doing things for ourselves, and it is also a pursuit from the heart. We must have the courage to take it. Responsibility is a kind of spirit, a style, a kind of responsibility, a kind of restraint, a kind of motivation, and also a kind of charm.
To improve employee responsibility, in addition to institutional constraints, the power of culture is very important. It can unite people's hearts, motivate employees' enthusiasm and self-motivation, clarify their development goals, and enhance self-management awareness and responsibility awareness. Only when employees go far can the company go further. We must lead our employees with the spirit of enterprise, unified values, and advanced corporate culture. We will unite our employees, motivate employees, form a team spirit, and form a harmonious atmosphere in which employees and enterprises will share their common interests and common progress. QINDA's corporate culture reflects this role.