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Sharp Edge Tester
  • Sharp Edge Tester

Sharp Edge Tester

English name of sharp edge tester: Sharp Edge Tester
The basic configuration of the sharp edge tester is: 1 sharp edge tester, 1 foot switch, 1 power charger, 1 desktop mounting bracket, 1 operation manual
The optional accessories of the sharp edge tester are: sharp edge test tape 1 roll
>> Sharp Edge Tester meets the following national standards
Comply with national and world standards such as ASTM F963 4.8, EN71-1998 8.14, GB6675-2003 A.5.9, 16CFR 1500.48, etc.
The national standard for Lü Libian is:
Age boundaries:
Age Range Sharp Edge Test Requirements
No sharp edges on toys under 36 months
37 months to 96 months Functional sharp edges can exist on toys, but there must be warning instructions
appropriate types:
Suitable for toys for children under 96 months.
Test method of sharp edge tester:
1. Roll a circle of TFE tape on the edge of the sharp-edged tester, and its overlap size cannot exceed 0.1in (0.25mm).
2. The fixed end of the specimen cannot be moved or bent.
3. When the position of the touchable end of the assembled toy is not enough for the experiment, the sample should be removed for testing, but if it will affect its hardness, other objects can be used to make it rigid, but its support area cannot be larger than the test object.
4. The angle between the tester and the test edge is 90 ° ± 5 °.
5. The contact point between the edge of the test object and the adhesive tape should be about the middle of the adhesive tape.
6. The tested object should be tested for its unfavorable position.
7. Adjust the strength of the sharp edge tester to 1.35 LBS (6N).
8. Apply upward force to the position of the adhesive tape to make the indicator light. At this time, the test edge is 1.35 LBS.
9. Activate the sharp edge tester switch to make its shaft rotate once.
10. Carefully disassemble the adhesive tape. Do not enlarge the cut size. Use a steel ruler to measure the cut length.
11. If the cut length exceeds 0.5in (12.5mm), the test edge is a sharp edge.
Use and understanding of sharp edge tester:
1. Stick the PTFE tape on the mandrel as required, and then rotate the mandrel 360 ° along the accessible edge of the test. Check that the test tape is gravity to determine whether the ball can pass the test template completely. The length of the cut. Calculate the percentage of length of tape that was cut. If 50% of the tape is cut, the edge is considered a sharp edge.
2. The edge to be tested shall be the accessible edge determined after the accessibility test of the toy part or component.
3. If the accessible edges of the toy as a whole cannot be tested, the simulated accessible toys can be removed and tested separately.
4. The key of sharp edge test is how to fix the detected edge, and ensure that the mandrel and the edge are at right angles, and there is no relative movement between the mandrel and the edge during the test.
5. During the rotation of the mandrel, ensure that the pressure on the mandrel is continuous and stable