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Oil-free air compressor
  • Oil-free air compressor

Oil-free air compressor

Item No.: OST-550
OTS 550W-18L:
Power (W) 550
Cylinder (mm) 63.7x15X2
Speed ​​(r.p.m.) 1380
Pressure (Bar) 7.0
Capacity (L / min) 40
Tank (L) 18
N.W. (kg) 18
Size (LxWxHcm) 56x24x57

Features of oil-free air compressor:
1. The output air pressure is stable and free from fluctuations, minimizing noise pollution. It is suitable for use in analysis and testing, laboratory matching, laboratories of universities, research institutes, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention and other testing departments.
2. Oil-free, water-free The air-air compressor solves the phenomenon of oil and water output gas. A water outlet is also provided so that the filtered water in the gas storage tank can be discharged in time.
3. Stable flow The air-compressor adopts the latest pressure-reducing device, and the output air is constant-current voltage regulator, so that laboratory instruments such as atomic absorption are reproducible during testing.
4. Long service life The air-air compressor is equipped with a start-up preheating device. The machine is equipped with an external protector. The interior of the tank has been treated with internal spraying.
5.Easy operation Eliminates the troubles of oil machine and screw air compressor that are often checked for adding lubricating oil, regular maintenance time is long, and normal operation can be performed by daily power supply. Easy to operate, no need to be on duty.