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QINDA Team Activity Day

A few days ago, Qinda Instrument Headquarters held a team development activity with the theme of "Working Together to Create Brilliant". The purpose of this event is to create a good corporate culture, cultivate teamwork awareness and communication skills among employees, and allow employees to experience mutual care, collaboration, and collaboration through a series of tasks that are both fun and challenging. The importance and creativity of working together.

In the morning, all the staff went to Dongguan Qunqunying Development Training Base for outdoor development activities. Under the leadership of professional coaches, the entire team, grouping, selection of team leader, starting name, slogan, and team flags, soon the "Falcons", "Golden Energy" and "Battle Wolf" teams were born. The team's slogan was devoted to the following activities with full enthusiasm.

Expanding training held a number of projects including icebreaking, team building, CS battles, concerted efforts, absorbed power, and concentric circles.Among them, the high-altitude operation surveys the guts of each member. For such a project, many people lack Confident, even afraid to try, but with everyone's encouragement, everyone completed the project smoothly.
The event ended successfully, do you feel that you are still overwhelmed?

Although the expansion training was over, in the training we created a team atmosphere, cultivated team awareness, and challenged ourselves. This expansion training allows us to remind ourselves at all times that we must believe in ourselves and always maintain a positive attitude towards life and teamwork!

In the future work, we must apply the experience from the expansion training to the actual work, and use the expanded mind, passion and will to re-face every new day and face every task. The spirit is passed on to everyone ...