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Qinda 2020 annual celebration was successfully held

Time flies, and another season of snow drifts; the years change, which is the romantic time of the new year. On the afternoon of January 4, all employees of the company held the 2019 annual meeting and the Spring Festival Gala in the Vienna Hotel Conference Center. Relevant leaders of the company and all employees of the company gathered together to share the achievements of the past year, praise outstanding colleagues and look forward to the new year. After the annual meeting, the annual Chinese New Year Gala was held, and they had a pleasant and memorable time together.
At the meeting, Mr. He and Mr. Li respectively made work reports for 2019, summarized the company's outstanding achievements in 2019, pointed out the company's existing problems and deficiencies, and deployed the company's key tasks in 2020. Advanced individuals and outstanding teams with outstanding performance in the year of work.

At the gala dinner, the company's employees were enthusiastic, and they also performed self-editing, self-directing, and self-performing literary programs. The content was exciting and climaxes. A chorus performance from the company's production line employees' song "Ten Years of Storms and Winds" was applauded at the beginning; the dance "Spicy Girl" of the beautiful women in the administrative department jumped out of everyone's vision of happiness in 2020; the song "You are happy so I am happy" , "The Way Home" and "A Serenade in the Middle of the Moon" sing the joyful mood of the employees; once the essay "Excellent Employees" prepared by Zhengzhou Branch came to power, they won applause from the audience; especially the "Big Show" business department The group recite "I'm proud-I'm a Qinda" and pushed the warm atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.
  The Qinda family will always be so talented and energetic. In Qinda's stage, talent and personality will be explained and released to the greatest extent.