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Corrugated box testing equipment Corrugated box testing technology

Corrugated box testing equipment Corrugated box testing technology

1. Edge pressure and adhesive strength test:

    Corrugated fiberboard edgewise crushresistance: The rectangular corrugated cardboard sample is placed between the two pressure plates of the compression tester, and the corrugated direction of the sample is perpendicular to the two pressure plates of the compressor, and then pressure is applied to the sample until The sample is crushed. Expressed in cattle per meter (N / m). The impact of this index on the carton is the same as the ring compression strength.

Corrugated fiberboard ply adhesivestrength: Insert the needle-shaped attachment between the corrugated paper and tissue (or between the core paper) of the sample, and then apply pressure to the needle-shaped attachment with the sample inserted to make relative movement , Until the separated part is separated, expressed in cattle • per meter (N / m). When the corrugated cardboard is bonded to the corrugated peak and the facial paper, if the bonding strength is low, foaming or sticking phenomenon is likely to occur, which affects the strength of the entire box and is uneven.

Recommended products: The above test data and reports can be satisfied by the compression tester (Model: QD-3012) This product complies with GB / T2679.8 Cardboard ring compression strength measurement method, GB / T6548 corrugated cardboard adhesion strength measurement method, GB / T6546 corrugated Determination method of edge compression strength of paperboard, ISO3035-1982 single-sided and single-wall corrugated fiberboard pressure resistance measurement. Meet the test of edge pressure, adhesion (peeling), cardboard flat compression strength, ring compression strength, and small paper products (paper tube, carton, etc.) compression. Optional accessories: special sampling knife for ring pressure, edge pressure sampler, edge pressure test guide block, cardboard adhesive strength peeler, etc. The soft blue large-size LCD screen reflects the characteristics of Derrick's enterprise, and the user-friendly friendly interface intelligently reminds the operation. And the standard configuration is equipped with a micro-printer that can carry out the statistical results after the test is completed and form a written report.

2. Puncture strength
Puncture strength: refers to the work required to penetrate the cardboard with a starting pyramid, that is, the work required to start puncturing and tearing the cardboard into a hole, expressed in kg • cm (J). This property reflects the ability of the corrugated cardboard to resist external force damage, and is the dynamic strength, which is closer to the actual stress of the carton during transportation and protection.
Recommended product: Cardboard puncture strength tester (model: QD-3007) This product complies with GB / T2679.7-1998 Cardboard puncture strength determination, ISO3036: 1975 Cardboard-Determination of puncture strength Meets the cardboard puncture resistance test requirements. There are electronic and mechanical products available.
3. Burst of corrugated cardboard
The pressure is applied by the hydraulic system, and the maximum pressure when the elastic film breaks the circular area of ​​the sample. Or corrugated fiberboard burstingstrength: Under the test conditions, the maximum pressure that the corrugated cardboard can withstand in a unit area and increase uniformly perpendicular to the surface of the sample, expressed in kilopascals (kPa).
Recommended Products:
Electronic rupture strength testing machine (model: QD-3005) This product conforms to the GB / T1539-1989 method for measuring the bursting strength of cardboard and GB / T6545-1998 the method for determining the bursting strength of corrugated cardboard. Meet the rupture strength test of paper or cardboard. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test data, please select the sensor suitable for your company (paper 16KG; cardboard 100KG). The soft blue large-size LCD screen reflects the characteristics of Derrick's enterprise, and the user-friendly friendly interface intelligently reminds the operation. And the standard configuration is equipped with a micro-printer that can carry out the statistical results after the test is completed and form a written report.
4. Compression and stacking test
Compressive strength (compressive strength) of empty container: plane pressure test shall be carried out in accordance with GB / T 4857.4-1992 "Compression Test Method for Packaging and Transportation Packages". Place the sample sample between the two parallel pressure plates of the testing machine, then apply pressure evenly, and record the load and displacement of the pressure plate until the test sample ruptures, or the load or pressure plate displacement reaches a predetermined value. This performance not only reflects the comprehensive characteristics of the entire box-making process, but also directly relates to the safety of the corrugated box in use. It is not only an important physical performance index for evaluating corrugated boxes, but also an important condition for designing corrugated boxes.

Stacking strength: Place the test sample on a horizontal plane and apply a uniform load on it. This performance feature is that a relatively stable load acts on the carton for a long time. The carton will produce continuous bending deformation under static load. If the static pressure is maintained for a long time, the carton will collapse and damage.

Product recommendation: Carton compression tester (model QD-3001) This product complies with GB4857.3 "Basic test stacking test method for transport packages", GB4857.4 "Basic test pressure test method for transport packages", GB8167-87 Test method for static compression of cushioning materials for packaging. Meet the test requirements of carton compression, stacking, fixed value compression, with blue large LCD screen, DC servo motor system, professional and intelligent system software control, full Chinese menu operation mode, human-machine friendly interface, micro printer output specifications 3. Detailed test report.

 V. Drop test

 Impact resistance (vertical impact drop strength): The test shall be conducted in accordance with GB / T 4857.5-1992 "Drop Test Method for Packaging and Transportation Packages". Lift the test sample to a predetermined height, and then let it fall freely according to the predetermined state and collide with the impact table.

Recommended product: The drop test machine (model: QD-3016) was developed by our company according to the standard of GB4857.5 "Basic Test of Transport Packages Vertical Impact Drop Test Method", which specifically tests the damage of the product after being dropped when it is packaged, and Evaluate the impact resistance of electrical appliances and electronic assemblies when they are dropped during handling. This machine adopts photoelectric control, which can set seven drop heights, and can also choose the drop height freely. The drop release adopts electromagnetic control, which can make the sample drop freely in an instant, and perform the drop impact test on the edges, corners and planes of the packaging container. This testing machine can also test bagged product packaging (such as cement, white ash, flour, rice, etc.). It can also provide a reliable basis for the development of packaging materials for colleges and scientific research units.

6. Anti-reprinting strength
Anti-reloading strength: tested in accordance with GB / T4857.8-1992 "Test Method for Hexagonal Roller of Packaging and Transportation Packages". The hexagonal roller test is used to evaluate the adaptability of the repeated impact collisions encountered by the transport package during the circulation process and the protection ability of the package to the contents. The hexagonal roller test subjects the test sample to a series of random drops on the inner surface of the rotating hexagonal roller. Depending on the guide plate and baffle, the test sample can be dropped on different surfaces, edges or angles, forming a different impact on the test sample Hazard, the order and state of its fall is unpredictable.

Recommended product: QD-3055, the instrument is a mechanical and electrical integration structure, using modern mechanical design concepts and microcomputer processing technology for careful and reasonable design. Easy operation, easy adjustment and stable performance.

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