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Automatic image measuring instrument
  • Automatic image measuring instrument

Automatic image measuring instrument

Item No.: YQD-QV
An image measuring instrument is a type of coordinate measuring machine, also called an image probe coordinate measuring machine. It uses an optical microscope to magnify the object to be measured at a free magnification, and transmits the enlarged image of the measured object to a computer connected to the instrument through a CCD camera system for non-contact and efficient detection of the geometry of various complex workpieces. the amount. The image measuring instrument has been differentiated between automatic and manual products. With the development of automatic control technology, manual image measuring instruments have been basically replaced by automatic image measuring instruments.
Quality characteristics
u Marble base and high-rigidity cast aluminum pillars ensure high stability and rigidity.
u Precision V-rail and ball screw, with full closed-loop control of DC servo motor, high stability, high precision and fast speed.
u American TEO high-resolution 600-line color camera guarantees high-quality measurement pictures.
u Manual zoom lens, (no need to re-select the scale after changing the magnification).
u Programmable four-ring and eight-zone LED surface cold light source and straight-axis contour cold light source make the light source more adaptable to measurement requirements.
u Precision optical ruler 0.001mm.
u Self-developed powerful full-automatic 3D measurement software, which can measure automatically.